How to Paint Your Kitchen Yellow

Kitchen yellow is a cheerful, energetic hue that is said to bring an abundance of joy. If you’re not ready to go all out and paint a kitchen in this color, try adding small pops of it to an existing space with bright accents like artwork or dishes in the color.

Painting cabinets in a cheery yellow will give tired, wooden cabinets a new lease of life. The trick is to choose a specialist cupboard or furniture paint that will give the best results, and make sure to thoroughly clean and de-grease the surface before you begin.

Cabinets painted in a vibrant yellow can be contrasted with light-colored woodwork for a fun, fresh look. Alternatively, the same shade of yellow can be used for an accent wall and a contrasting color can be chosen for other parts of the kitchen, like the floor or counter tops.

When a sunny kitchen has a lot of storage, painting the ceiling in a yellow tone can help it feel more spacious and luminous. This is a great option for smaller spaces with less natural lighting, and can be particularly effective if the ceiling is high or there are other architectural elements in the room.

The best way to introduce this look is to use a range of different yellows, including shades that are closer to cream and off whites than fruity tones. Pale yellows such as soft vanilla, buttermilk or fresh primrose are ideal for creating a relaxed, restful look and will pair well with calm greys and whites.

For a more muted, subtle look, consider painting a wall with a pale yellow or creamy shade that’s slightly darker than your cabinets. This will also help the light bounce off the walls and create a more energizing mood in the kitchen.

Another option is to add a splash of this cheerful shade to a kitchen backsplash in the form of a tile. A swathe of saffron-yellow tiles is a fantastic idea that will be both uplifting and long-lasting, says Lynn K. Leonidas, designer at Landed Interiors in California.

A coordinating backsplash can be installed at the same time as the cabinets, and both will work to create a cohesive look in a small space. To ensure the backsplash blends seamlessly with the yellow accents in the rest of the kitchen, it should have a similar color to the yellow walls.

Using yellow as a backsplash is a simple and cost-effective way to add color to your kitchen. However, it is important to choose a tile that will reflect and absorb light well. To get the most out of your backsplash, it is a good idea to use a tile that has a matte finish to it and will bounce the light back into the room.

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