Christmas Unwrapped (Lifetime) Review

christmas unwrapped

In a season when you need all the cheer you can get, Lifetime is serving up a dose of feel-good holiday entertainment that’s sure to have you feeling a bit mushy inside. Its newest offering is Christmas Unwrapped, a film executive-produced by Tiffany Haddish that follows a cynical journalist who learns the true meaning of Christmas when she investigates Erik Gallagher, a beloved member of the town who insists that all the gifts he provides are from none other than Santa himself.

Charity Jones (Amber Stevens West) has an impossibly cool name, but her Christmas agnosticism is threatened when she lands the coveted assignment profiling Erik Gallagher. This handsome bachelor runs a charitable organization that provides millions of dollars in personalized presents to needy children at Christmas time. It’s up to Charity to find out where the money comes from and whether this is a story she can truly believe in.

She soon discovers that there’s more to this story than meets the eye and her newfound belief in the spirit of the season is threatened by a scandal. She needs to decide if it’s worth ruining her newfound Christmas love for Erik and her career by exposing the truth.

While the film’s premise may be similar to A Christmas Prince and Miracle on 34th Street, it’s actually quite unique in its approach. It’s the kind of movie that you’ll remember long after it’s over, because it managed to bring a little Christmas magic back into your life.

The story of a cynical reporter who discovers the true meaning of Christmas when she investigates a mysterious charitable figure is a classic romcom trope, but this one has a few nice twists. In addition to the standard romance, Charity also investigates a number of Christmas traditions, including the practice of giving away Christmas gifts and the NSB charity that throws 12 days of free events like ice skating parties and making ornaments.

I’m not sure how much of this is based on real-life happenings, but it was nice to see a holiday film that takes some creative license with the Christmas tradition while still maintaining a level of realism and respect for its origins. The film is full of interesting and informative facts about the history of the holiday, from how a pagan Roman holiday turned into a Christian celebration to how many secular Christmas traditions have sprung up over the years.

Having watched the movie, I’m now convinced that it is possible to make a believable Christmas that doesn’t involve Santa Claus or any other jolly old man dressed in red. It’s a great story to watch with your family as they explore the origins of Christmas and the importance of giving gifts and making wishes on Christmas Eve.

This is a fantastic film to watch with the entire family because it brings the Christmas spirit alive in a way that’s not often seen in these kinds of films. There are even some nice family-friendly activities to do in this film, such as starting an advent calendar and creating a DVD of Christmas movies. It’s a perfect addition to your collection of holiday movies, so pick up a copy today!

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