How to choose bedroom wall lamp?

Color style of bedroom wall lamp

There are various types of wall lamps on the market today. Different styles of wall lamps are suitable for different types of bedroom decoration. When purchasing, it is determined according to the style of home decoration to ensure the overall harmony and unity. The color and style of the bedroom wall lamp should be consistent with the surrounding tones as much as possible, making it look more warm and romantic.

bedroom wall lamp shade

The function of the lampshade is to protect the light source while making the light softer. Lampshades on the market are generally made of glass, with metal brackets. When buying a wall lamp, you should consider whether the color of the lampshade matches the style of the bedroom; secondly, whether the color of the lampshade is translucent and shiny, and the corrosion resistance of the metal bracket, these all determine the service life of the wall lamp. It is recommended to choose a thicker wall lamp material for the large bedroom, which looks more upscale, while the small bedroom wall lamp shade should be as thin as possible, which looks more transparent.

bedroom wall lighting

The wall lamp in the bedroom is used as an auxiliary light source, so the brightness of the wall lamp does not need to be too high, and the general degree is below 60W. It is recommended that friends buy wall lamps with adjustable brightness functions. In the future, you can adjust it according to your needs. It is recommended to choose a soft and warm yellow tone for light, which is more beneficial to human eyesight and creates a warm and romantic atmosphere.

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