Modern and flexible copper pendant

Over time, copper pendants have become the preferred form of chandelier for people. Not only practical, copper pendants also have a certain aesthetic value and collector value. Then I’ll show you some practical and beautiful copper pendants.

Flower basket ceramic pendant

The pendant with a white and copper flower basket is made of ceramic and brass and the beautiful pattern shows exquisite craftsmanship. A pure white lampshade with a brass sheen makes this shimmering chandelier look serene and exudes a serene elegance of charm.

Cale pendant collection

Cale’s copper pendant appearance uses geometric elements where a sense of imbalance gives a simple and subtle feel. Perfectly suited as a copper pendant over a kitchen island. With its exquisite beauty and stunning details, this stunning copper pendant on a kitchen island is sure to add the perfect touch to your décor.

Trailer with KICHLER screws

Bolted KICHLER copper pendulum above a kitchen island mimics a kerosene lamp with a simple glass shade and copper metal roof. With a custom made Edison bulb, the glass lampshade makes the KICHLER bolt-on hanging luminaire more transparent and more beautiful. This copper pendant with glass lights up when turned on.

Chiswick glass pendant

The Chiswick Glass Copper chandelier is a charming modern lamp that can easily be integrated into any interior. Compared to other glass chandeliers, the inner metal color of the Chiswick glass-copper chandelier is like a honeycomb. When turned on, the light doesn’t reflect the glass directly, but emerges from the opening and creates a warm, soft glow.

Melting lamp

The Melt chandelier is an attractive lighting made with the help of high technology. The molten copper pendant was inspired by his interest in the vacuum metallization process, which is often used to make sunglasses. The molten copper pendant was originally a polycarbonate ball placed in a vacuum chamber. When air is inhaled, an electric charge vaporizes the metal foil to form a cloud of particles that forms a mirror layer 0.02 micrometers thick. The Swedish Front design team teamed up with Dixon to give the chandelier a melting honey look.

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