The Evolution of Chandelier Design: Top Trends in Modern Lighting


Chandeliers have been around for centuries and were traditionally used in grand palaces and stately homes to illuminate large halls and rooms. However, as times have changed, so has the design of chandeliers. Today, chandeliers are not just a light source, but also a focal point of the room’s aesthetics. In this article, we will explore the top trends in modern chandelier design.

Trend #1: Multi-Light Fixtures

One of the most significant trends in chandelier design is the use of multi-light fixtures. Designers have started to shy away from the traditional single-light chandeliers and instead use fixtures with multiple bulbs to create a dramatic impact. The use of multi-light fixtures also makes it possible to spread light more evenly throughout a room, making it brighter.

Example: “Lindsey Adelman Studio’s 6 Globe Burst Chandelier”

This chandelier has six glass globe shades arranged at different heights and angles, creating an organic and asymmetrical shape. The chandelier is designed to look like a cluster of bubbles or celestial objects.

Trend #2: Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes have become extremely popular in chandelier design. Squares, triangles, and hexagons are just some of the shapes that are being used. Geometric chandeliers add a modern and sophisticated edge to any room.

Example: “Kelly Wearstler’s Precision Chandelier”

This chandelier features numerous hexagonal shapes that attach to a center hub, creating a beautiful and intricate geometric structure. The use of brass and black finishes further emphasizes the piece’s dramatic design.

Trend #3: Industrial-Chic

The industrial look in architectural design is still going strong, and chandeliers are no exception. Designers are combining vintage, industrial-style elements like metal and wire with contemporary finishes like shiny brass or black powder-coated steel. The result is a funky and fresh chandelier that makes a statement in any room.

Example: “Urban Chandy’s Customizable Chandeliers”

This Brooklyn-based company creates chandeliers customized to the client’s needs, using industrial materials like plumbing pipes, bulbs, and metal wiring. The chandeliers are designed to be a mix of vintage and contemporary elements, and the unique designs are perfect for urban lofts, open-concept living spaces, and industrial-themed homes.

Trend #4: Natural Elements

Designers have started to incorporate natural elements into their chandelier designs, blurring the line between artificial light and natural light. Natural materials like wood, stone, and leather add an earthy feel to chandeliers and create a relaxing and inviting ambiance.

Example: “Apparatus Studio’s Cloud Chandelier”

This chandelier mimics the shape of a cloud, making it feel like a natural element within a room. The fixture is made of hand-blown glass and sliced agate stones, and the LED lights within the design give off a soft, warm, and natural glow.

Trend #5: Minimalism

Minimalism is a popular design trend that has trickled down into chandelier design. Minimalist chandeliers are sleek, clean, and simple, giving off an understated elegance. They usually have few embellishments and instead focus on the overall shape and form of the piece.

Example: “David Chipperfield’s Beluga Chandelier”

This chandelier has a simple, minimalist design but uses high-quality materials to make a statement. The 14 clear blown-glass spheres are suspended from delicate bronze cables, creating a sleek and modern chandelier perfect for a minimalist-style home.


In conclusion, chandelier design has come a long way from its traditional beginning. Designers are using unexpected materials, unique shapes, and modern finishes to create chandeliers that can fit any style or taste. Whether you prefer dramatic multi-light fixtures or prefer something more minimalistic, there is a chandelier out there for you. The only rule is to find a chandelier that you love and makes a statement in your home!

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